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Mathakadara Pomegranate, Natural Herbal & Cosmetic Products

Pomegranate Tea - දේශීය දෙළුම් පොතු තේ පානය

Pomegranate Tea - දේශීය දෙළුම් පොතු තේ පානය

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Pomegranate Peel Antioxidant Tea Bags - Nature's Defense Elixir

Unlocking Nature's Power

Discover the incredible potential of antioxidants, the natural warriors against cancer. Did you know that pomegranate peel harbors an astonishing 50% more antioxidants than its famed juice?

 Your Daily Health Ritual

Indulge in the revitalizing effects of our Pomegranate Peel Medicinal Drink – just one cup a day can work wonders. Each packet is a month's supply, offering convenience and potent wellness benefits.

 A Multipurpose Health Solution

Combat gastritis, evade cancer risks, rejuvenate your skin, heal hemorrhoids, and aid weight management – all achievable through the goodness of local pomegranate peel tea.

Environmentally Conscious, Zero Waste

Our commitment to sustainability means our value pack is designed for reuse. Embrace a zero-waste lifestyle while elevating your health and protecting the planet. 

Ingredients for Natural Vitality

Carefully curated from dehydrated pomegranate peel powder and pomegranate seed powder, these premium, organic ingredients are packed with antioxidants and nutrients, ensuring every sip is a powerhouse of wellness. 


For only 1600/=, bring home this health-boosting elixir. With 30 tea bags in each package.

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