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Esmeralda - Pomegranate Women's Perfume - 50 ml

Esmeralda - Pomegranate Women's Perfume - 50 ml

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Esmeralda: Eternal Memories in a Perfume Bottle

A Fragrant Tale of Eternal Love
In the realm of love, it's the enduring memories that linger forever. Preserve those cherished moments with Esmeralda—a fragrance crafted to ensure he never forgets you. Remember, "Fragrance has the power to resurrect memories!"

Introducing Esmeralda
Esmeralda stands as the first-ever Pomegranate Women's perfume in Sri Lanka, brought to you by Mathakadara.

Captivate with Scent
🌹 Embrace a scent that encapsulates the essence of eternal love and passion.
🌹 Leave an indelible mark with each lingering note, creating an unforgettable impression.
🌹 Let the fragrance of Esmeralda speak volumes of timeless devotion and grace.

Esmeralda is a testament to Mathakadara's commitment to crafting exceptional fragrances that resonate with the heart and soul.

Indulge in the timeless allure of Esmeralda, available in a 50ml bottle at a captivating price of Rs. 5999/=. Let this enchanting fragrance be the symbol of your everlasting love.

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